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all seven printed books for only $85!!!

...for a VERY limited time, I'm offering a $50 value numbered and certified, limited edition Ace Reid original print (a collector's fantasy) FREE with the purchase of all seven print books at the reduced price of $85 + s/h (a savings of over $25.00!)  

"Bronc in the Parlor"
"Cow in the Kitchen"
"Bath in a #3 Washtub"
"Texas Tawlk"
"The Ladder of Success is Strung With Barbed Wire"
and other Long-Ears in my Family Tree"
"Wellness, Walk ye in it!

TOTAL VALUE = $160.00!


"Ridin' ol' Paint, Leadin' ol' Dan" 

Ace Reid Original cartoon on parchment paper - suitable for framing - with the purchase of all six print books shipped Priority Mail, within 48 hours of receipt of order!

SPECIAL OFFER - All 7 Books 
PLUS Ace Reid Limited Edition Print = $85 + s/h



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