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"Wellness, Walk ye in it!"

How to Outsmart Foods that can Kill--
...or make you wish you were dead!

by Bettye Martin-McRae

"This wellness book should go on the MUST READ  
list of people with health problems...
Well researched and documented."

 Dr. John D. Starkey, Ed. D.
Educational Psychology and Guidance, 
Professor Emeritus Northern Illinois University



Using clean country wisdom, farm humor and inspiring true stories, Bettye Martin-McRae shows how healthy foods and healthy thinking can make for a healthy body, mind and spirit.

In her new alternative health book Wellness, Walk Ye In It, Texas author, Bettye Martin-McRae, teaches how she , and many friends and family members overcame numerous illnesses with precious little money and no traditional medical intervention.

Join her now on her own “Wellness Walk” which has taken her from sickness and near blindness at age 40, with little more hope than the promise of dangerous steroids and life in a wheelchair -- to wellness, happiness and a healthy and robust lifestyle at age seventy!

She did it so why couldn’t you? 

In this, her sixth book, Wellness, Walk Ye In It, Bettye Martin-McRae combines 30 years of self-directed wellness learning, lifestyle changes and personal healing experiences into an invaluable resource not only what she did, but what she avoided, in order to become the picture of health– and she backs it all up with documented medical references! (Heck – the Bibliography alone is worth the price of the book!)

Blending all this with Biblical inspiration and a healthy dose of country wit and wisdom, Bettye transforms her first-hand experiences into a well-written, easy to read tool for anyone searching for optimum health and wellbeing at any age.

Excerpt from the FORWARD of Wellness, Walk Ye In It:

Why? I asked myself in 1974. 

With all the modern technology. 

With the dedication of so many well-meaning physicians at my disposal. 

Why was I coming away from state-of-the-art upscale medical treatment sicker than ever -- with new illnesses clearly brought on by the "cure"? 

Why had I been wearing my sorrows, my ills, like badges of courage?

Desperate to find answers, I knew I must begin collecting hope instead of despair…

…Thus, for more than a quarter-century, I've been poring through medical journals and books, nutrition books, magazines and newspaper articles. Many of them, written by renowned medical doctors who discovered there was more to healing than they had learned in school. 

Healing that would do no harm.

I have observed that there are two main schools of thought -- two paradigms -- two distinctly different approaches in caring for the human body: 

The mindset variously called, "traditional", "allopathic", or "conventional", usually seeks to affect symptoms of illness, while focusing on the physical. I use the terms interchangeably.

The mindset variously called, "naturopathic", "holistic", "natural", "alternative", "preventive" or "clinical ecology", seeks to search out the root, and eliminate the cause of illness, thus allowing healing with built-in resources -- naturally -- in body, soul and spirit. And use these terms interchangeably. 

Conventional medicine often dismisses "scientifically unexplained" recovery as merely "spontaneous remission". Testimonies of such healings are sometimes referred to with great disdain, as "anecdotal". 

Since anecdotes usually have a happy ending, I interpret the label as a preferred sort of healing...


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About the Author:

Bettye Martin-McRae has been a popular columnist and freelance writer since 1972. Hundreds of her stories, commentaries, columns, and articles have appeared in publications such as The Airport Advertiser, Garland Daily News, Sweetwater Reporter, Texas Folklore Society, Guideposts, Focus on the Family, Charisma and Christian Life, The Christian Reader, Rural Heritage, and Mules and More Magazine

Bettye's "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get" authenticity leaps off each happy, nostalgic and thought-provoking page and into your heart!

The prolific freelance Texas humorist, writer and speaker has eight non-fiction books to her credit including:

"Bronc in the Parlor"
"Cow in the Kitchen"
"Bath in a #3 Washtub"
"Texas Tawlk"
"The Ladder of Success is Strung With Barbed Wire"
"MULES and other Long-Ears in my Family Tree"


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